indreamliketones is a creative studio with roots in the Midwest and currently based in Oakland, California.

Welcome to my vision. This is my portfolio of work.

The aesthetic was borne from the mantra go with the wind.

Never a lover of rules, the only rule here is the work will never be boring. With a penchant for the avante-garde, indreamliketones design studio will craft design and content solutions to ensure your business stands out among the others.

The services I offer range from branding, design, photography, and event production. Get in touch and let’s take your brand to the next level.

indreamliketones creative studio was founded by Erin Ritchie in the August heat of 2015.


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View my portfolios and get excited! Your brand is about to become front-cover material.

Get in touch – send me an email introducing yourself.

We’ll meet up for coffee if you’re local, or by Skype or phone if you’re afar.

I return to my studio – and make some magic.

Wham, bam, content delivered.